Kid’s Class

Hi! I would like to welcome you to the Willow Martial Arts website. My name is Pat Weseman, Head Instructor for Willow Martial Arts. I have over 30 years experience studying and teaching martial arts. I hold a 6th Dan rank with Kukkiwon and AAU.

Classes are taught at the Kirkwood Community Center in Kirkwood, MO. I teach two 5-7 year old kid’s classes, a beginning class and an advanced class. Classes are held year round. I have a team of black belts that I have guided through the years, who help me with the classes.

Documentary on Taekwondo



Kid Power

Kid Power

AAU TKD ShieldI have been a district and regional director with AAU Taekwondo program for over 20 year. At the national level I am an Officials’ Clinic Administrator and I hold the position of Officials Program Administrator.

Besides my classes, I host a yearly AAU Taekwondo Qualifying Tournament and several seminars. If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to contact me.

The Willow Logo

The Willow Tree

The Willow Tree

In body and spirit be as the willow tree.
Gain strength by learning flexibility.
Grow proud yet humble … strong yet meek.
A man can try without succeeding, but he cannot succeed without trying.
Always strive to do your best.

For it is in doing your best that you can truly take pride.
In losing, remember the joy of winning and be joyous for the victor.
In winning, remember that others have lost and be gracious.
In doing this you will learn to be humble.
Before challenging the enemy outside, first you must conquer the enemy within.
Overcome your own ego, fear, and self-doubt.
In doing this you will become strong.
Always remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion.
Listen patiently and openly to others and value all new ideas.

In doing this you will learn to be meek.