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2017-August Summer Breaking Class Photos

2017-05/24 & 25 – Red Nose Days At Willow Photos

2017 – March Spring Kid’s Breaking Classes Photos

2016-12-21 & 22 – Willow Christmas Parties. Photos

2016-10-21 & 22 – Master Wiz Clinics. Read More

2016-08-28 Willow In-House Invitational Tournament.  Another successful in-house tournament at the Kirkwood Community Center. Read More

2016-05-07 Ozark AAU Taekwondo Championships. Photos

2016-03-31  We had a very special kid’s class tonight. The kids rotated through three different stations. One station was flag sparring where four strips of material were placed into the front of the kid’s belt. The object was to remove the four strips from your opponents belts before they removed yours. The second station was foam sword fighting, kind of like whack-a-mole. The third station was nunchakus where the kiddos learned some basic nunchuck moves.

2016-03-15 Beginning Breaking Class. Photos

2016-03-10 Kid’s (5-7 yr old) Breaking Class. Photos

2016-02-18 Judo in the 5-7 year old Kid’s Class. Photos

2015 Willow Christmas Parties. And a great time was had by one and all. It was great to see some old familiar faces join the party.

2015 5-7 Year Old Sparring Videos.

2015 Kids self defense class. What is a ‘safe word’? Read more…

2015 Hapkido summer class with Bill Byrd and Gary Heebner. While Bill Bryd instructed the adults in Hapkido, Gary Heebner gave the kids a more kid-friendly version of Hapkido. Read More…

2015 Taekwondo Crossfit summer class with guest instructor Josh Homes. Read more and view videos

2015 Summer Class with Jiu-Jitsu instructor Kurt Valdez. Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Valdez Read More and view photos…

2015 Summer Classes are casual and lots of fun. New event for Willow. Foam sword sparring.

2014 Fall Kid’s Self Defense Class. There is a new attack monster in town. Let the games begin!!

 Willow Taekwondo Olympics Head to Head Relay

2014 Summer Breaking Classes

2014 Sparring Drills Summer Class with Josh Holmes

2014 Willow Class Snapshots

2014 Ozark Tournament Officials

Spring 2013 Kids’ Judo Class

Fall 2013 Kid’s Self-Defense Class