Willow Leadership

Attack MonsterPat Teaching KidsPat Weseman – Head Instructor 6th Dan Kukkiwon and AAU

The kids call her the attack monster. But only when she’s dressed for the part.

When not in her attack garb, she is Ms. Pat.  Read more..

*******************************************************************************Michael Ivester – 5th Dan Kukkiwon and AAU

2IMG_1268Michael joins the Willow Thursday class during the summer. So what does he do the rest of the time? Read more…





DeRay Ivie – 5th Dan AAU

DeRay Snapshot

DeRay Ivie joined the Willow family joined the Willow family on December 7, 2014 when read more…


Josh Holmes – 4th Dan AAU – 4th Dan Kukkiwon


Josh Holmes officially joined the Willow family on December 7, 2014 when read more..




Ken Zimmerman Jr. – 3rd Dan  Kukkiwon


Grappling and throwing –
just a couple of Ken’s many skills.Throwing


Mr. Zimmerman began his martial arts training
Read More…



CIMG2348 CIMG2341 CIMG2340

Don Richardson – 2nd Dan Kukkiwon

Don is our resident Bo, Jo, and Bokken expert. Read more…


Website PhotoAlan Vance – 2nd Dan Kukkiwon

Alan Vance, 2nd Dan Tae Kwon Do has been practicing traditional Tae Kwon Do for over 26 years. He founded Mid Missouri Martial Arts of St. James in 2010, Read more

*************************************************************************************David Geisel

David Geisel – 1st Dan Kukkiwon

David began studying Taekwondo with his daughter. As has happened with other Black Belts, his daughter got sidetracked with Read More

Angelika – 1st Dan Kukkiwon

Angelika for Website

Angelika began to study with her daughter, now has a Black belt and is a very valued member of the Willow leadership team. Read more…


july00030Jourdyn – 1st Poom Kukkiwon

2013 AAU Junior Olympic Games Gold medalist. But so much more. Read more…