Willow Class Information

Class Syllabus – Winter Session January 3 – March 29, 2018

Winter 2018 Kids Classes
Winter 2018 Beginning Classes
Winter 2018 Advanced Classes


Sign up a Friend Discount Card – Here’s how it works. Put your child’s name on the ‘current student’ line and give it to a friend. When they bring the card to class with their name on the ‘new student’ line, they will get $5 off their beginner uniform. I will initial and return the card to the current student and it will be worth $5 to them towards any merchandise I handle, tournaments I run, or test fees.


Student Testing Requirement Forms
Adult Test Requirements Sheet
Junior Test Requirements Sheet
Request to Test Point Sheet

You Tube Videos of Forms
Kicho Il Jang present by World Champion Kaelyn Whaley
Kicho Il Jang thru Kicho O Jang

Animated Taeguek Forms

Taeguek IL Jang (1)

Taeguek Yi Jang (2) 

Taeguek Sam Jang (3)

Taeguek Sa Jang (4)

Taeguek O Jang (5)

Taeguek Yook Jang (6)

Taeguek Chil Jang (7)

Taeguek Pal Jang (8)


All Eight Taeguek Forms

Taeguek Il through Sa Jang
Taeguek O through Pal Jang

Palgwe Il Jang – Willow Ver. (blocks to the side all outside makkis)
Palgwe Il Jang (All blocks to the sides Willow does outside makkis)
Palgwe Yi Jang
Palgwe Sam Jang
Palgwe Sa Jang
Palgwe O Jang
Palgwe Yook Jang
Palgwe Chil Jang
Palgwe Pal Jang


 Weapons Videos
Basic Bo Moves
Kathy Wieczerza Performing new cane strike set – right side


Self Defense Handouts
Staff Weapon-Type Self Defenses #1
Staff Weapon-Type Self Defenses #2
Self Defense-Empty Hand-General Information
Self Defense-Advanced Empty Hand Self-Defenses


Weapons Handouts
Bo/Jo Class Information
Completing a Bokken Form
Bokken Warmup and Terminology
Bokken Class with Master Saunders


Weapons Forms
Bo Form – Shushi No Kon Ni
Bo Form – Shushi No Kon Ni – Advanced Notes
Bo Form – Northern Chi

Jo Form – 13 Step Jo Form
Jo Form – 22 Step Jo Form

Bokken Form – Happo Giri
Bokken Form – 5 Cut Form
Bokken Form – Bokken Short Form

Cane Form – Cane Set One
Cane Form – Cane Set Two
Cane – Yellow Rank Strikes 1-4
Cane – Yellow Rank Strikes 5-8
Cane – Yellow Rank Strikes 9-12
Cane – Yellow Rank Strikes 13-16

Foam Rolling